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Palmers Green Community Market - Karl Brown writes

By Brian Chinnery - Posted on 17 October 2010

Several years ago Palmers Green Railway Station Car Park would host each Sunday what was then the largest Farmers Market in London. A popular spot for locals and visitors to see a wide range of stall holders who often came large distances to offer their produce.  Times changed and use of the market slipped and as total spend dropped so did the income of the stall holders. Journeys from the likes of Gloucestershire and Milton Keynes became less of an attractive proposition and with less stalls there was less reason to visit. Fewer people meant less income for stall holders, so less stall holders turned up. A deteriorating cycle had set in.

In its manifesto improving our place identified the success of the Farmers Market as being of real benefit for Palmers Green.

We are therefore delighted to say that local resident Hannah Edwards together with stall holders Karen and Kate, plus several others, have taken up the challenge and that the market will be relaunced as the Palmers Green Community Market. Open between 10am and 2pm each and every Sunday in the station car park the desire is to make the market more of a destination than merely somewhere to shop. Places to eat, listen to music, for the kids to play, sell your home grown or home made produce will combine with the traditional market stalls. Efforts are underway to identify a wider range of stall holders who are willing to make the journey to Palmers Green.

Whether you wish to look, buy or even sell, why not make this a regular feature of your Sundays. The more local involvement the more prosperous the market will become and the more enjoyment everyone will receive.  

This time lets reverse the trend and put in place a positive cycle - more visitors, producing more sales, bringing in more stalls, producing even more visitor, leading to more stalls and so on. Its future is in all of our hands. Lets make it count. Look, buy, sell - The Palmers Green Community Market supported by improving our place